16 Times the Gomez/Barton (and friends) crew crushed 2016

2016 was a really rough year for just about everyone, but there were some shinning moments that also made it a very memorable year. Here are 16 times my family made 2016 not suck. In no particular order of importance.


16.That time Mom, Ray, Sara, and Drew went to Noah’s Bar Mitzvah and got their Chicago on! 2016-21 Don’t mind the elephant in the room.

2016-20 Mazel tov Noah!

15.That time Jo conquered the ATL!

2016-3 Do work son!

14.When Danny once again raised a bunch of money for Braking AIDS!

2016-9 Who wouldn’t want to give money to that handsome guy?

13.Joe, Alex, and Pickle welcomed Captain into their clan!

2016-19 The best gifts you can get are the ones with fur!

12.Speaking of pups, Jo and Jess brought George into their lives!

2016-1a2016-1 Cuteness overload!

11.Stay Tuned for Danny’s first play in LA!

2016-4 See what I did there?

10.Did I mention Danny moved to LA? He was ready to conquer the other coast.2016-6 Ready for his close up!

9. Before he did, Mom and Ray had to make a trip out to New York

2016-8 Big city dreams!

2016-7 Subway regular!

8. Surprise!

2016-17 It’s a boy!

7.Not content with just ruling DC and Atlanta, Jo had to whip Philly into shape!2016-2 Pastries are only for winners!

6. Nobody keeps it classier in 2016!


5. Madison meets her little brother!

2016-16 This magic moment (sings in head).

4. Family visits are the best!

2016-10 Mi Familia!

3. Drew’s new do!

2016-25 Looking good!

2. and 1.  The Family welcomes Emmett Ryan Gomez as our newest member!


R.I.P Mija 2016-24

R.I.P Uncle David 2016-11

From my family to yours happy holidays and I hope 2017 is even better for everyone!


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