14 times the Gomez/Barton clan totally crushed 2014

Since importance is subjective, this list is in no particular order.

14. sarawarehouse

That time Sara totally crushed a photo shoot.


That time Joanna totally took over Solidcore.


When Drew made the perfect tribute to Robin Williams.


When Danny rocked the shit out of a Pepsi commercial and looked super fancy.

10. rayreuniontwo

The time Ray totally owned his class reunion. (3rd row down, second to last on row)

9. joannafirstplace

When Joanna was a total boss and won the Poolesville Road Race.


That time Drew made the most bad-ass self portrait ever.


When Sara rocked the hell out of this awesome dress for a runway show.


That time Danny made a Buffalo Wild Wings shirt look good in a commercial.


That time Joe and Drew owned the wrestling world for a day.


That time we kicked Poseidon’s ass and owned the ocean.

3. joannaanddanny

When Joanna and Danny owned the Musselman Triathlon

2.drewhairone drewhairtwo

That time Drew cut his hair for Locks of Love and repped the D super hard.


That time when Mom, Sara, and Danny all graduated in the same year!!!

2015 We Coming for you!!!


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  1. Maximum bad-ass-ery going on here, nice.

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