The WWE Title Conundrum

In a major surprise it was announced on Raw earlier this week that Daniel Bryan will require neck surgery that will keep him out of action for an indeterminable amount of time. They announced later in the week that they will address this issue on this upcoming RAW on Monday. Naturally of course, instead of waiting a few days to find out, I decided to look into some of the possibilities myself.

Scenario #1: Title Tournament- This is my favorite solution to title problems, but with most of main event level talent already involved in other feuds, this is very unlikely.

Scenario #2: Triple H announces himself champion- Triple H has been playing the power trip heel for awhile now, so it wouldn’t be surprising for him to deem himself champion, citing that he is the most worthy. This would probably set up major problems within Evolution with possibly a triple threat being the outcome at some point. The main issue with this scenario is Triple H is already involved in a major feud with the Shield and this would probably bring an abrupt end to that storyline. This is more likely than I would like it to be.

Scenario #3: Kane steals the title from Triple H’s office- Kane is on a rampage and seeing as he is the one most likely to be credited with taking Bryan out, I could see a scenario where Triple H strips the title, but Kane manages to steal it from his office. Of course, Triple H would demand it back, but Kane being the heartless monster would not give up the title that easily, essentially saying if you want it come get it kind of thing. This would lead to Triple H himself challenging Kane or him sending Evolution or another lackey after him. This is a bit far fetched, but fits in with current storyline.

Scenario #4: Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton or Batista or both- After Triple H strips the belt, Paul Heyman comes out and declares that his client Brock Lesnar should be first in line at a title shot by virtue of having ended the streak. Triple H agrees, then Orton, Batista, or both come out and declare they are number one contenders and never got their fair one on one shot for the title. I will say both come out, because the possibility of Brock vs. Batista one on one match is just too horrible to think about. Triple H declares a triple threat match for the title. Brock probably won’t be back till closer till SummerSlam time, so if this plays out, the payout wouldn’t be until then. I don’t know if the company would want the title up in the air for that long.

Scenario #5: ???- There’s always the ever present rumors of a Punk return (which I don’t think will happen), any excuse seems to be a good excuse to give Cena the title, an up and comer like Cesaro could come into play, there could be an unexpected return ala Jericho, or something I haven’t even thought of could happen.





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