About last night: My thoughts on the streak ending

So, it turns out almost all my Wrestlemania predictions were completely wrong. I can live with that, because for the first time in a long time as a wrestling fan I got to enjoy what I first loved so much about wrestling, the unpredictability. For the past 21 years, there were three certainties in live, death, taxes, and the Undertaker winning at Wrestlemania. Last night ended all of that. Just like Paul Heyman said he would, Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker. At first I was pissed that he that he beat him, than the more I thought about it, it makes sense in a way. There’s no telling if an an up and comer could have handled the hype of beating the streak and it would have been more predictable if that happened, like if he faced Reigns or Cesaro next year, it would have almost been as predictable as most the streak itself. People who say Punk should have beat it last year, maybe Vince knew that Punk could just say fuck it at any time and leave and where would that have left them? Punk himself said he wasnt going to be around as long as people thought. With Lesnar now, even if he just shows up a few times a year, anyone who beats him can get a major rub and now Bryan has a legit contender to face now, because after he just beat Orton and Batista injured, are they really creditable anymore? Plus Cesaro and Reigns look like they will be faces for awhile now, so who would have challenged Bryan? This Mania was all about closing a past chapter and starting a new one, if HHH, HBK, or Kane beat Undertaker, how would that benefit the future? Now, I not only see a bright future, but one where I know that once again anything can happen.

P.S- I’ll have a full aftermath post after the dust settles at RAW tonight.



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