The Amazing Pickle

I love animals, especially dogs, and a year ago I was finally able to get a dog to call my own. My family always had dogs when I was growing up, but they were all family dogs, none that I could call my own. Then along came Pickle, I should mention that Pickle isn’t completely my dog, I got him with my girlfriend, but for all intents and purposes I consider him my first dog. Anyways, the day we got Pickle, we were actually shopping for a new bed and after we looked at every store in town and were talking over our decision, we noticed we were near a pet store, so we said fuck it, lets go in and kill some time. We immediately went over to the puppy area to check out the puppies(I should mention we had zero interest in buying a dog that day), there at first I noticed they had four bulldogs puppies at the very bottom, so that’s were my eyes went. My girlfriend’s eye was caught by a fluffy little white puppy that was up a little higher, a guy who worked there came by and asked if we wanted to look at any of them and she said yeah and pointed at the little white dog. I have to admit that he wouldn’t have been my first pick, but when the guy brought that little pup out I was a believer. He was really shy, but lovey and just so damn adorable. After we played with him for a bit, we decided it was time to leave and when the guy went to put the puppy up, the cutest/saddest thing happened, the little puppy started to cry. He wanted to come back with us, we were really sad, but we couldn’t afford a puppy, we really needed a new bed, so we told the guy sorry we can’t do it today. After we walked out, it started immediately we both were trying to rationalize the decision to get a puppy instead of a new bed, hell we can put off a bed for awhile, but the perfect puppy won’t always be there. We actually went to a Mexican restaurant to eat a bit and think it over further, to make sure we weren’t being too rash. My girlfriend decided she would call her mom, so that she would talk her out of making the decision to get the dog, but instead it went the other way and she just encouraged us to get the dog more, in fact she said she would come down to the shop to try to talk the guy down in price, so we decided to go back to the pet store. When we went back, we immediately knew we made the right decision, the little guy was crazy excited to see us and the pet store guy said he knew we would be back. In fact when my girlfriend’s mom came in, she wound up getting a dog herself! She got a little long hair chihuahua, that she named Bitsy. One year later our little guy is a year old now and we still don’t have a new bed, but we couldn’t be happier with our decision. cutepickle


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