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So, I decided I was tired of the old Joe Gomez’s Blog Cabin look. It needed a little bit more pizazz, so I decided to take it up a notch and make it a party. Hope everyone enjoys the new look.

Quick results from 15 year anniversary show


Results from the wrestling show I was in on Sunday.

Originally posted on CwF Reunite!!!:


Falls Count Anywhere Match-Rigor Mortis defeated “Maniac” Mike Mills via a crossbody off a tank.

Gauntlet Match- The Crock defeated Tu Pidaso, Winger 4k, and Stu Pidaso  via Crock Pot, Crock Pot 2.0, and The Roast Beef Elbow.

Triple Threat CwF Old School Title Match- Damien Nero retained title against Matt Korbaine and The Toddster via Spinning Killswitch onto a pile of legos on Matt Korbaine.

CwF Heavyweight Title Match- Adam “Main Event” Murphy defeated defending champion “Crazy Pants” Joe Gonzo with Drew Gonzo via Swanton Bomb off the top rope.

Fatal Four Way Elimination Match- Damien Nero defeated Chuckles McHaha, “Maniac” Mike Mills, and Adam “Main Event” Murphy. Murphy was eliminated first via a series of finishers and dogpile pin, Chuckles McHaha eliminated via dropkick to face by Nero, Mills eliminated via Spinning Killswitch by Nero.

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RIP Joan Rivers

Things Rick Astley will never do


RIP Robin Williams

Yesterday I  found out one of my comedy idols and an all time great performer Robin Williams died.Most people know Robin Williams as an actor, but to me, he did his best work on stage. The insane energy he brought every time he stepped on stage is unmatched, you never knew what was going to happen next. He was a true original. RIP to the most unique comedic person I ever had the pleasure of watching in my life.

Jackie Q- Ring Round the Rosey

Clip Package from when I wrestled in Vancouver, check me out starting at 10:35

Feeling on your booty

Old music video from back in the day. Check me out in the red pants.



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